Perform Security Analyses in Minutes Instead of Days

Ronathan makes it easy to process user stories or any system documentation, identify security controls that will impact security posture, and provide actionable solutions.

Discover and Mitigate Risks in System Docs Before They Reach Production

Until now, analyzing system documentation took days and required a highly skilled analyst. With Ronathan, hundred page documents are analyzed in minutes producing a clear set of proscribed actions to mitigate security risks freeing SecOps personnel to focus on Security by Design.


of all security issues are introduced prior to development.

The Confidence to Run Lean

Using ML & AI, Ronathan has set a new performance standard in Security by Design through the introduction of what  we call “Preemptive Risk Mitigation”. The Ronathan platform helps organizations find new ways to add value in the security space by reducing Continuous Monitoring Windows. 

Bridge the Security Communications Gap Between IT Disciplines

Ronathan is the Artificial Intelligence platform for SecOps that provides power and instant insights tailored to each role and situation. By providing precision results based on roles, Ronathan is able to bridge communication gaps between teams.

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