The Artificial Intelligence Compliance Engine that Crushes Risk Management in Minutes

Automate how your organization uniformly applies compliance standards and risk mitigation with our no-code AI Compliance Engine.

Discover and Mitigate Risks Before They Reach Production

Until now, analyzing program documentation took days, required a highly skilled analyst, and was extremely expensive. With Ronathan, hundreds pages documents are analyzed in minutes producing understandable visual dashboards with integrated downloadable reports that include a clear set of proscribed actions to mitigate security risks and ensure compliance.

of all security issues are introduced prior to development.

Have Confidence in Your Risk Mitigation Plan

Using ML & AI, Ronathan has set a new performance standard in Security by Design through the introduction of what we call “Preemptive Risk Mitigation”. The Ronathan platform helps organizations implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies, secure programs, and ensure security compliance the first time instead of being bolted on after a breech or audit finding.

Bridge the Security Communications Gap Between IT Disciplines

Ronathan is the Artificial Intelligence platform that provides power and instant insights tailored to each role and situation. By providing precision results based on roles, Ronathan is able to bridge communication gaps between teams.  

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