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Welcome to the future of risk mitigation. Welcome to Ronathan.

Why the name?

When ESR started working on the idea of developing an AI to identify and analyze security risks in Business Documents, SSPs, SOPs, and Audit Plans, we considered where we started — working with the NIST RMF standards. After a brief discussion, we decided to name our solution after the person who developed that standard, Dr. Ron Ross.

What was the problem we saw that inspired Ronathan?

When we started working with prime and subprime contractors, it quickly became apparent that they had several issues:

  • The volume of documents that needed to be analyzed and monitored for changes
  • The inability to consistently apply standards across agencies, primes, subprimes, teams, and roles
  • Audit concerns
  • The time it took to analyze documents
  • The lack of tools that helped DevSecOps personnel validate their findings and consistently score their results
  • Lack of available resources to perform analyses quickly (cost/budget)

The right team to solve the problem.

We’ve been working in the Cybersecurity life-cycle services space for more than 15 years with both civilian and defense agencies, as well as several privately held firms focusing on:

  • Information System Continuous Monitoring
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Continuous Diagnostic Mitigation
  • Enterprise Security Lifecycle documentation

By combining our expertise with Machine Learning and AI, we have built a platform recognized by professionals as the missing tool in the DevSecOps arsenal.

What is the vision for Ronathan?

Ronathan will become the AI security documentation tool recognized by practitioners that strengthens security posture through the entire system service lifecycle by providing immediate security analysis of documentation paired with actionable insights for project managers, testers, developers, administrators, and cybersecurity professionals.

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