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Ronathan is the affordable subscription-based solution that streamlines and simplifies your security compliance process

Enterprise Regulatory Compliance

According to KPMG, 80% of companies that fall under regulatory guidelines lack a Standards Application Process that can be applied across the organization. This lack of standardization increases the level of risk associated with projects, increases the cost and complexity of audits, and slows the time to market of software and hardware. Ronathan’s AI Document Compliance Engine solves this issue by uniformly applying regulatory standards to any applicable document.

How it Works

Ronathan’s AI Document Compliance Engine, with its library of regulatory standards, is able to ingest any unstructured text i.e. Business Document, System Security Plan, Standard Operating Procedure, or Audit Plan and return an analysis report in minutes. Each report highlights areas of concern where the source document varies from the regulatory standard and produces a risk profile score, grading the document against the standard and a hard copy of the Analysis.

Ronathan empowers organizations with specific role-based risk mitigation strategies & assessment steps that a focus on strengthen security posture and ensuring compliance with all appropriate cybersecurity frameworks. 

Current Standards

Compliance Framework
NIST 800-53 V4
NIST 800-53 V5
800-171 (DFARS) Compliance
Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Compliance
FEDRAMP Compliance
HIPAA 45 CFR Part 160
HIPAA 45 CFR Part 162

Who Should Use Ronathan’s AI Compliance Engine

Ronathan’s AI Document Compliance Engine makes it simple for organizations of any size to improve security compliance and set company-wide compliance standards with its simple-to-use, no-code user interface. But simply put we help answer federally mandated compliance needs of the Food & Agriculture, Energy, Health Care, Emergency Services, Chemical, Financial services, Transportation, Water & Waste Systems, Communication, Commercial Facilities, Dams, Critical Manufacturing, Defense, and Information Technology sectors

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