Ronathan: Automating Compliance Gap Analyses and Mitigation Planning

Risk and control analyses are crucial to confirming the strength of your security posture. Enterprise Solutions Realized believes that all organizations can and should make informed IT security decisions every time, all the time. That’s why we introduced Ronathan: a unique, dependable, and AI-powered engine that allows organizations to uniformly assess compliance, risk levels, and provide recommendations to mitigate identified security gaps.

How It Works

Ronathan’s AI Document Compliance Scanning Engine is comparable to system vulnerability scanning. With its extensive library of regulatory standards, our compliance engine can ingest any unstructured text—such as business documents, system security plans, standard operating procedures, or audit plans to name a few—and generate a comprehensive analysis report in minutes. The report grades a given document based on how well it complies with its corresponding regulatory standard, highlighting areas of concern that need your attention.

Ronathan makes it easy for organizations of any size to improve their compliance and set company-wide standards, all through a user-friendly interface. Assessments of federally mandated compliance requirements of a variety of industries, including government, healthcare, financial services, information technology sectors, and many others are addressed by Ronathan.

The Benefits of Automation Automating compliance gap assessments certainly sounds appealing. But is it effective? 

Why Use Ronathan?

Instant Benefit
The efficiency of an automated assessment requires nothing more than a button press. In minutes you have a detailed analysis report identifying areas of concern and potential risks. Best of all, you can complement your current compliance effort, or start from scratch and let Ronathan find evidence of compliance in your existing business documentation.

Most of the time, compliance audits are conducted by independent third parties. They may not be familiar with the fundamental workings of your organization and infrastructure and are likely to rely on interviews with your team for details and verification. This problem is compounded by the fact that many of the preparers of system documentation used for evidence have varying degrees of compliance knowledge. Consequently, the quality of compliance evidence runs the spectrum from bad to great. Ronathan is artificially intelligent and learns with your compliance resources then it can help them improve the caliber of evidence they produce: It uniformly applies current regulatory standards to any given document, ensuring compliance against all current existing security frameworks.

New risks and changes to compliance regulations can occur at any time and without warning. You may well have a strong security posture today that becomes noncompliant tomorrow. With Ronathan’s continuously learning, AI-powered compliance engine, organizations can immediately review their compliance posture based on the latest and most accurate advancements in compliance protocols.

Conducting a compliance gap analysis with an expert is a process that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The cost can be exponentially more for an organization that is unsure of current risk & compliance stance. Ronathan is an affordable turn-key or subscription-based solution that can simplify, streamline, and enhance your compliance process. Automated risk assessments deliver accurate, timely, and thorough analyses at a lower cost.  Ronathan makes continuous compliance no longer cost-prohibitive. 

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Ronathan empowers your organization with specific role-based risk mitigation strategies & assessment steps that focus on strengthening your security posture and compliance against all applicable compliance frameworks. With automated risk analyses available for HIPAA compliance, CMMC compliance, FEDRamp compliance, and more, you can discover how to strengthen your security posture in minutes.

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